Paid Search Services In Orlando

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Paid Search Services In Orlando

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Paid Search Services In Orlando

Paid Search advertising is a wide territory with hundreds of routes. Paid Search can be considered the signs along those routes that help potential customers find your website. Paid Search leverages search queries that are types into search engines. Cost-per-click might be slightly higher through this channel of marketing, but it is for a good reason – users have an intent to purchase when utilizing the search bar unlike users who are targeted through social media channels or various other display networks. These users are further down the funnel and are ready to purchase, meaning we are more likely to see a conversion.

Our Paid Search Campaigns include the following basics:

  • Daily Optimizations
  • Multiple Ad Groups (If Required)
  • Minimum of 3 Ad Variations Per Ad Group
  • Location Extensions (If Driving Traffic to a Physical Store)
  • Call Extensions (If Required)
  • Sitelinks
  • Callouts
  • & More!

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Drive More Traffic With Paid Search

There are so many opportunities with Paid Search advertising with Spiral Monkey Marketing. Paid Search is a great strategy to kick off a fully automated campaign which is why it is an available service in all 3 of the packages we offer! With a Paid Search base, you can drive interested traffic to your website, have them interact with a sales funnel, and then re-target those users through display networks and social media platforms with incentives to convert. Not all agencies run their paid search campaigns the same. With experience in a wide variety of industry verticals from Hospitality, to Legal, to Retail, and more, Spiral Monkey has proven strategies built into your stack upon sign-up saving us time and you money! Campaigns are set up for manual maintenance, not placed on autopilot as many other agencies tend to do. We are hyper-focused on ROI and stand by our clients as a partner, rather than bill collector.

We are a one-stop digital marketing agency based in Orlando, FL offering beautiful Web Designs, effective Email Automation Services, Retargeting Services, Local SEO, GEO Fencing, Social Media Management, and so much more. Spiral Monkey Marketing designs custom marketing stacks on a monthly pay-as-you-play system. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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Spiral Monkey

We offer the best programmatic approach to digital marketing through a wide variety of tested tactics specific to your industry. When choosing Spiral Monkey Marketing as your digital advertising partner, you will receive a tailored marketing stack with free tracking and reporting setup to monitor the effectiveness of our campaign. Contact Us Today to see why so many businesses are partnering with Spiral Monkey Marketing to get more customers, fast!

We LOVE marketing, which is why education is our primary goal during your free consultation. We'll establish where your marketing budget should be pointed based on your strengths, weaknesses, seasonality and more. From there, we'll decide whether we are a good fit for one another!

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