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Background & Marketing Stack Implementation

Better Baby Boutique is an eCommerce brand specializing in the sale of baby clothes for children ages Infant to 5T. Better Baby requires a complex, programmatic advertising strategy to attract and retain customers. To execute this strategy monthly, a custom website was required that could handle high-volume traffic and marketing automation integration from a wide variety of platforms. With the help of HeyStack, Better Baby has double sales year over year from 2018 to 2019.

The Stack 

Better Baby Boutique

 Web Development
Completely custom Shopify website built with built-in tracking to group users based on their actions and targeting with marketing automation flows. SEO & Schema leveraged to improve organic stance on SERPs. Image optimization for fast load times. Hyper-focused on UX to ensure higher conversion rates providing maximum return on investment.

 Email Automation
Create email flows based on a user’s actions within an initial email, on the website, or through social media channels. Email flows are designed to maximize relevancy and funnel traffic back into the website.

 Social Media Management
Daily social media management with the primary focus on Instagram's shopping platform. Content creation, User Generated Content Features, and product tagging all play into the robust overall strategy. Daily attention is required to maximize ROI.

 Paid Search
Targeting primary phrase-based keywords and displaying both Google Shop feed ads and text-based ads. On-page adjustments made to increase ad relevancy and as a result overall efficiency.

Users who left the website without taking action are targeted based on the actions they took while on the site. Ads are placed in areas throughout the web based on the user's interests and behaviors to maximize efficiency and ROI. Creative and text ads are used for retargeting in addition to abandoned cart email campaigns and text message campaigns.

 Text Message Automation
Users who abandon their cart or have opted in as a text message subscriber are sent text message blasts with news & promotions. Abandoned cart text messages play into the overall re-targeting strategy to aid in converting bottom of the funnel users into closed conversions.

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