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Background & Marketing Stack Implementation

FC Expert Witness is an Expert Witness company dedicated to providing local attorneys with the resource(s) they need to support their client’s case. A local approach was taken to attract and convert Orlando users who are conducting intent-based query through major search engines. Built-in tracking and CTAs provide a catch-all conversion method that identifies the who, what, where, when, and how of every user who interacts with the website.

The Stack 

FC Expert Witness

 Local SEO
Targeted SEO Services focused on GEO specific keywords and Schema markup site wide to drive local traffic within Orlando who are interested in retaining an expert witness to help win their case. Dedicated local landing pages and copywriting developed to compliment a wide array of directoty listings and support both internal and external linking strategies.

 Web Development
Custom Wordpress developed website with built-in local schema to attract and convert potential customers who are in-market for an expert witness to help build and support their case. On-page SEO built-in to improve page load times, phrase-based relevancy, structured data visualizations, map listing consistency, and much more.

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