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Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most sustainable and effective piece in a small to mid-sized business marketing stack. Local SEO can help drive in-market traffic to your location through multiple channels from search engine maps to popular third-party apps. Local SEO is both an on-page and off-page tactic used to target potential customers within your store's radius who have an intent to purchase your products/services.

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Paid Search

While Search Engine Optimization yields long-term results, Paid Search delivers an immediate return when setup by an experienced pay-per-click (PPC) team. Unlike social media and display network advertising, paid search users have an intent to purchase. When campaigns are optimized to the industry's average cpc and the businesses ROI requirements, PPC can deliver forecasted results that help to build a wider customer base for further recurring opportunities down the road.

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Paid Search Company Orlando
Geo Targeting Company Orlando

Geo Fencing

For small to-mid sized businesses with a local presence looking to generate more leads, Geo Fencing is a critical component to your marketing stack. Geo Fencing leverages device & demographic information to serve ads relating to your product/service in specific, hyper-local target areas where consumers might are most likely to convert. Device/user information is captured and ads are served at an optimal frequency to maximize your local visibility across various digital channels.

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Email Automation

Planning and executing an effectiveemail series can help convert more drop-offs into recurring customers for years to come. Planning an automated email series that executes based on a user's actions can funnel more traffic back to a store and capture revenue that would have typically been lost. Spiral Monkey Marketing specializes in predictive behavior based on data captured witin a wide variety of industry verticals.

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Email Automation Services Orlando
Retargeting Company Orlando


Maximize customer retention & work potential customers down through the funnel with Retargeting tactics. Retarget potential opportunities to stay top-of-mind and only a few taps away through their favorite sites, social media feeds, applications, and more. With so many options to choose from, your interested consumers will need to see more of you before becoming a closed conversion. HeyStack specializes in Retargeting campaigns to help you maximize ROI.

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Web Design

Spiral Monkey is a superior Web Design company who knows how to create websites that rank in major SERPs. Our sites are not only beautiful, but are built to be the foundation to your digital marketing plan from the code to the imagery to the copy - everything works in harmony to drive traffic and convert more users. We specialize in two of the most popular platforms - Wordpress & Shopify, making us a competent & trusted choice to build your marketing plan with.

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Web Design Company Orlando
Social Media Management Company Orlando

Social Media

Keep your Social Media active to build social proof for your brand, attract new customers, and keep current customers engaged and connected with your brand. Don't be tricked by other agencies who purchase followers and use chat bots to build your following. These actions can cause your brand to be banned from multiple platforms. We only use good 'ole fashioned hard work to build & engage with your following meaning real results, real users, real customers.

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