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Email Automation Company In Orlando

Increase Conversions With Email Automation

Email Automation Company In Orlando

Email Automation Services with Spiral Monkey Marketing provide your business with strategic email flows based on actions or inactions that user’s take upon receiving an initial, targeted email campaign. Our Automated Email campaigns & Drip Email Campaigns recover customers that might have been lost should your targeting strategy end after the first touch-point with the intended audience.

As a one-stop Email Automation Company, Spiral Monkey Marketing Delivers:

  • Complete Email Automation Flows
  • List Segmentation
  • Effective Copywriting
  • Custom Artwork
  • Email Template Designs
  • Full Tracking & Reporting

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Customized Email Flows

Email Automation & Email Drip Campaigns can have a tremendous impact on meeting your internal KPIs month over month. Automated Campaigns take into consideration the thought process of your average customer during the mapping process. By forecasting a user’s thought process after seeing and interacting with an email from your business, we can effectively re-target that same customer with a different message to funnel them into your sales process, increasing the likelihood of a conversion. For example, if a user does not open an initial email after 24 hours, our automated campaign will automatically send a follow-up email with altered messaging to entice the user to take action. Conversely, if the user opens the email, visits your website and does not take action, we can serve a follow up email that includes a discount for your product or service to encourage the user to contact your business.

We specialize in list segmentation – a critical component to a successful automated email campaign. There are a wide variety of ways to segment a list from gender to subscribers, to actionable users, past customers, & more. By segmenting your contacts, we can serve targeted emails that speak more direct to the proper audiences.

At Spiral Monkey, we love marketing which is why we offer a free consultation to analyze your current marketing mix and develop a stack that will drive more traffic and maximize your ROI. In addition to Email Automation services, we are a WordPress & Shopify Web Design Company, Local SEO, Paid Search, GEO Fencing, Retargeting, Social Media Management and much more!

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Spiral Monkey

We offer the best programmatic approach to digital marketing through a wide variety of tested tactics specific to your industry. When choosing Spiral Monkey Marketing as your digital advertising partner, you will receive a tailored marketing stack with free tracking and reporting setup to monitor the effectiveness of our campaign. Contact Us Today to see why so many businesses are partnering with Spiral Monkey Marketing to get more customers, fast!

We LOVE marketing, which is why education is our primary goal during your free consultation. We'll establish where your marketing budget should be pointed based on your strengths, weaknesses, seasonality and more. From there, we'll decide whether we are a good fit for one another!

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