GEO Fencing Services In Orlando

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GEO Fencing Services In Orlando

Target Specific Users in Specific Areas

GEO Fencing Services In Orlando

GEO Fencing is a programmatic form of digital advertising that allows a user to be targeted both demographics and location. Targeting users through hyper-local advertising leads to a more efficient campaign with less wasted spend and overall higher margins on the sale of your products/services. GEO Fencing can be executed through social media platforms, applications, display networks and more. At Spiral Monkey, every interaction a user makes with our ad campaigns is tracked and optimized to provide a more effective campaign that ultimately leads to more conversions.

Our GEO Fencing Campaigns include:

  • Targeted Artwork
  • Industry Specific Verbiage
  • Strategic Ad Placement
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Daily Optimizations
  • & More

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How Does GEO Fencing Work?

Hyper-local campaigns take a GEO Fencing strategy to the next level. Hyper-local campaigns target users within a space as small as a quarter of a mile. Narrowing down the focus of a campaign to a specific region or area increases click-through-rate (CTR) driving more traffic to a well-designed landing page that then converts a percentage of the traffic into a sale. In addition, fences can be created around storefronts allowing a coupon to be delivered to users who approach the fence, increasing the probability of receiving their foot traffic into your store. Targeting Visitors to a popular electronics store who meet particular demographic requirements can then be served ads for electronic devices by competing brands, or store discounts from competing store fronts. GEO Fencing Services can be beneficial to both businesses who have a physical brick & mortar presence, or businesses who solely sell online.

Spiral Monkey Marketing offers a wide variety of Digital Marketing Stacks that work together to maximize your ROI. For our GEO Fencing services to produce a high conversion rate, our full-service Web Design Company will audit, and if required, build a high converting website to drive your traffic to. Re-Engage with GEO Fenced customers through a Retargeting campaign or layer on our Paid Search Services to increase your reach. Once your GEO Fenced audience interacts with your brand, build an Email Automation campaign to stay top of mind. Local SEO is a long-term approach to targeting potential local customers without the need for ad spend! Don’t stop there, keep your customers connected through our Social Media Management services. Ask us about all of these strategies today. Let Spiral Monkey design a GEO Fencing campaign for your business today. Contact us right now to learn more!

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We offer the best programmatic approach to digital marketing through a wide variety of tested tactics specific to your industry. When choosing Spiral Monkey Marketing as your digital advertising partner, you will receive a tailored marketing stack with free tracking and reporting setup to monitor the effectiveness of our campaign. Contact Us Today to see why so many businesses are partnering with Spiral Monkey Marketing to get more customers, fast!

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