5 Small Business Marketing Tips To Dominate In 2020

HeyStack Mavericks October 21, 2019

Mike Siciliano from HeyStack Marketing has compiled 5 Small Business Marketing Tips To Dominate In 2020 based on current trends and forecasted trends from a large data pool reflecting a wide variety of industry verticals.

1. Website Optimization (SEO) – Website Optimization continues to make the list year after year and that is because search engine results pages are here to stay and remain valuable real estate for not only typed queries, but increasingly for voice search queries as well. DIY website builders don’t allow for complex SEO structure to be implemented into a website from schema markup, to heading hierarchy control. Without the ability to have full control over a website’s optimization, it is very difficult to outrank competitors in the search results. The website needs to be fast through various code optimizations, aesthetically attractive, and SEO friendly congruently. Because the following 4 marketing tips for 2020 all funnel users to your website, it is important to run an audit and check your website for optimization if you’d like to have an edge.

2. Google My Business – While not as important to eCommerce stores, Google My Business (GMB) optimization is critical to any service based, or local business that serves customers at their location or has them come to the business location. Various platforms pull their data from Google Maps and if you don’t have a GMB listing you won’t display on the map. Optimizing a GMB listing can be achieved through proper headline copy, description, service listings, product listings, image naming, and so much more.

3. Search & Display Ads – Search and display ads place your business at the very top of the search engine results pages and within the content that your target audience consumes the most such as YouTube and news outlets. Search ads help your brand gain valuable real estate for keyword phrases such as “private party venue in orlando”, or “best chinese food near me”, meaning you’ll increase visibility and as a result, conversions. Display ads are visual ads that entice the user to take action through strategic CTAs based on the content they live in. Its important to look at the industry average cost per click and cost per acquisition of your products or services to make sure that your gross margins can support paid advertising in 2020.

4. Social Media – Content remains king in 2020. Choose 4 platforms that suite your business and generate content that speaks to the users on those platforms. Cross-channel posting can be leveraged but keep in mind that LinkedIn is a business platform, TikTok has a younger group of users, instagram is visual and great for products, Twitter tends to lean more on the business side, etc. Put an hour aside every day in 2020 to produce content for at least 4 platforms and your social presence will drive visibility to your brand over time. If you aren’t producing content in 2020 you will lose, it’s that simple.

5. Direct Marketing Online – Email automation in 2020 will continue to increase the lifetime value (LTV) of your consumers, building a strong base that will make new customer acquisitions icing on the cake. Create an email sequence that targets the user’s actions every step of the way. If the user clicked on a particular button but did not make a purchase, have an email lined up that is designed to draw them back in. Retargeting existing customers or customers who have engaged with your brand is a direct way to convert any outliers and retain your current base for years to come. As marketing shifts to “Brand” in 2020, direct marketing tactics will be key to stay top of mind.

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