How To Create A high Converting Landing Page Design

HeyStack Mavericks September 20, 2019

In this episode of Self Boss Marketing Tips we discuss How to Create A High Conversion Landing Page Design. This is a general overview explaining the how and why behind our high-converting page layout that we have built for dozens of clients. The layout is effective whether you are building the page through a drag and drop third party provider, or coding it into your existing website.

The landing page is the last wall separating your customers from your business so it is important to make this wall paper-thin with multiple doors following these concepts:

Concept #1: Make sure that the landing page has messaging which is relevant to the initial ad or listing the user saw before coming in and that the message is above the fold. The fold is the portion of a website or web page that is visible to the user upon entering your site regardless of the device they enter with.

Concept #2: Make sure to include a Call To Action (CTA) at the top of the page above the fold. The CTA should bring the user down to a contact form that lives at the bottom of the page. A lot of marketers include this form above the fold, but this is an invasive approach that will deter most users from scrolling down to learn more about your products or services. By adding a CTA which reads “Let’s Talk” that auto-scrolls the user to the bottom of the page where they can fill out a contact form, we are providing the user with a less invasive experience and triggering a higher browse-time where the user will scroll to learn more if they are interested or leave if they are not. Above the form, add a code snippet div id=”form” div and point the CTA in the banner to href=”# form” to activate the auto-scroll feature.

Concept #3: Add relevant content below the fold in bulleted format to allow the user a mode of quick content consumption that will help aid in their decision to ultimately provide contact information to your business. Entice the user with your top selling points here and add supporting keywords so that if the page is hosted on your website, it has the opportunity to gain some organic traction in the SERPs.

Concept #4: Add an alternate CTA half way down the page. Make the CTA another mode of contact such as a phone number. If you do not have a 24/7 answering service, choose a third-party call scheduling software and link the CTA to it so that the user can schedule a call and you can field the call at the scheduled time.

Concept #5: Add an image to the page preferably above the fold so that the user can see the product, service or place they are buying into. This will help establish trust with the user and will improve the user’s overall experience when landing on the page.