Should You Hire A Marketing Company For Your Business

HeyStack Mavericks October 3, 2019

Should You Hire A Marketing Company For Your Business? In this episode I barely touch the surface on why you should or shouldn’t hire a marketing company for your business. For businesses with little to no capital, the answer is clear, but is spreading yourself thin the only way to go? A lot of times small business owners focus their hours on developing their marketing funnel, but in the end their sales process, product development progress, process transcription, bookkeeping and more all suffer.

The first question a small business owner should ask themselves is, what are they good at? If the answer does not point definitively to digital marketing, then this might be better left outsourced in the early stages of business development. A small business owner looking to take on the role of marketing specialist to save on overhead might also consider the following:

Do you have an idea of what CTR is and how to effectively improve CTR when it is too low?

Do you have an idea of what a bounce rate is and how to effectively improve bounce rates when they are high?

Do you have an idea of what the Average CPC is for your industry and how to decrease the CPC of your campaigns if they are too high?

The aforementioned topics are only a few of dozens of KPIs that a comprehensive, outsourced marketing team monitors daily.

A lot of eCommerce platforms such as Shopify have teamed up with major social media and search engine channels to bring easy-to-set-up campaign tools that allows novice users the ability to create and launch campaigns for their products or services. The issue is that you do not have full control overt the optimizations of the campaign or full access to the powerful tools the advertising platforms provide when executing directly in the platform itself. This means that competitors who are leveraging a marketing team or in-house marketing specialist will always have a leg up and will perpetually be spending less for the same of more closed conversions than your business.

Hiring the right marketing team or in-house specialist is a great investment to help your new business thrive in the early stages of its life. Even a tenth of a second can win a race on the track, the same goes with competition against rival businesses on the web. Whoever has the most optimized campaign will win, and surface-level marketing tactics might make beating your competition that much more difficult when performed by yourself to save on overhead in addition to removing your attention from sales, process development & more.

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